Download SimpleContactForm
Version 2.2

The SimpleContactForm script is a simple and lightweight contact form written in PHP.
It has been designed so that it can be inserted into an existing web page and minor changes can be made very quickly and with little effort.


  • Client and server side form validation
  • Image verification / captcha
  • Multipart HTML/plain-text email
  • Supports multiple forms per website and per page
  • Supports the use of an SMTP server (through PHPMailer)

If you would like to test the contact form before you download it visit the demo page

If you would like to use the script visit the download page.
The download page contains links to the different available versions as well as quick installation instructions.

For help using and modifying the script further visit the documentation page
If you have any problems using this script or you would like some help making changes to it you can send an email on the contact / support page.